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Middle East Region

The Leesburg Composite Squadron is part of the Virginia Wing in the Middle East Region (MER).

Other Middle East Region Wings include:
Delaware Wing
Maryland Wing
National Capital Wing
North Carolina Wing
South Carolina Wing
Virginia Wing
West Virginia Wing


Leesburg Composite Squadron Command History
  • Major David Thornton (Current)
  • Major Todd Parsons
  • Major Fred Clay Wilkins
  • Major Peter Moseley 
  • Captain Jeffrey S. Adler
  • Major Jeffrey Van Etten
  • Captain John White
  • First Lieutenant Steve Hertz
  • Captain Edward Yarid
  • Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Price
  • Captain Bradford Docos
  • Major William P.A. Knight
  • First Lieutenant David Caraway
  • Captain Susan Thayer
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Berke
  • Captain Michael Alvarado
  • Captain Michael Starr
  • Captain Thomas Schuler
  • Captain John “Jack” Mott
  • Major Dorothy “Dolly” Tuller