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Squadron Mission and Core Values

To serve the greater Leesburg and Loudoun County community as the auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, by performing disaster relief, search and rescue, Homeland Security and aerial and ground reconnaissance and communication missions; cultivating youth through career development, leadership opportunities, community service, and fitness; and promoting public education and awareness on the importance of air and space power. In carrying out this mission, we envision both adult and cadet leaders proud of their community and impacting our fellow citizens in a very positive way in both the greatest times and at times of the greatest need.

Core Values
  • The Core Values of the Civil Air Patrol are Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. 
  • We carry out our responsibilities with Integrity by conducting all of our missions in a responsible, conscientious, ethical, and professional manner. 
  • We demonstrate our commitment to Excellence by striving for the continual improvement through the professional development of our adult leaders, and the development of responsible cadet leaders through a cadet program emphasizing character development, leadership, aerospace education, and a healthy lifestyle. 
  • We demonstrate a Volunteer Spirit by working and supporting one another to achieve the organization's goals while recognizing the value of our volunteers’ time among their other responsibilities. 
  • We demonstrate Respect for others and our environment by treating our members and community citizens with courtesy, politeness, and consideration, by treating all people equally and without prejudice, and by protecting our environment by the conscientious execution of our primary missions. 
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of efficiency by using our time wisely and our resources in a cost-effective manner.
Strategic Plans